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All Around The House

House Cleaning Service (604) 657-2179

Ou​r CO​VID - 19 Safety Protocols

 ​* All staff will have their temperature taken, each day, before we start work. If there is any doubt, regarding their health, they will be sent home until they can be checked by their doctor.​

 * All staff will wear face masks while in our vehicle or in homes when social distancing is not possible.

 * Hand sanitizer will be supplied to all our staff.

 * Vacuum bags and dusters will be replaced and/or disinfected after each client's homes are completed.

 * Bottoms of staff shoes will be disinfected before entering every client's homes.

 * All equipment will be disinfected after each house.

 * All customers will be texted 5 minutes before our arrival time, and again when we leave, so you can leave your house in order to keep you and our staff safe. If you are unable to leave your house, we will require you to stay in a remote room (ie: bedroom).

 * If you, or any of your family is ill, we will need you to contact us and postpone service until you can check with your doctor. Cancellation fees are being waived for the time being. Please give us as much notice as possible so we can notify other customers that we may be early as well as give us an opportunity to fill your spot.